Why AdsSciences?

AdsSciences is a service developed by Appanite which combines a unique methodology with a growing set of powerful analysis and optimization tools enhanced by an hands-on campaign creation and management.

Many businesses lack the necessary skills, resources, and time to develop and manage high-performance Facebook advertising campaigns. AdsSciences is a turnkey service that allows businesses of any size across multiple industries and verticals to fully utilize the power of the Facebook advertising platform to promote their products and services.


Instrument and Baseline

AdsSciences relies on signals from your website or app to achieve optimal performance from your campaign. We’ll ensure that the required instrumentation is in place and baseline key metrics to fully understand campaign performance.

Multi-Criteria Scoring

AdsSciences utilizes a unique multi-criteria scoring approach to determine the relative effectiveness of each ad creative within each target audience. This approach allows the weighing of multiple performance metrics like conversion rates, click-through rates, and costs in the campaign optimization.

Target Audiences

With AdsSciences a Facebook campaign can target and manage a wide range of relevant audiences including custom audiences comprising people who visit your website, email addresses from your email lists, lookalike audiences derived from custom audiences and a variety of highly-targeted audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Ads Design

Next we design and implement multiple ads with a variety of images and copy to provide the basis for split-testing. Split testing removes the subjectivity associated with ad visuals and copy and enables an objective methodology based on measured results.

Custom Landing Pages

If your campaign requires additional context or messaging to encourage conversion, we create and split test a variety of landing pages -- further optimizing for conversion and cost.


For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting helps companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert immediately. We’ll implement a retargeting strategy that reaches people who have already shown interest in your services or products — keeping your brand in front of them after they leave to bring them back to convert.


Our optimization methodology is supported by a growing set of proprietary tools that support constant and efficient improvement of desired performance metrics. Relying on our multi-criteria scoring across all ad sets and ad creatives these tools continuously search for opportunities to eliminate wasted budget. They ensure that every ad set is served the most effective ad creative and that every ad creative is served into the most effective ad set.

AdsSciences tools realign the campaign budget on a daily basis. They automate split-testing and ensure that decisions are statistically sound. And, they help steer the evolution of creative based on real measured results during the life of the campaign. As the campaign progresses, our AdsSciences report tools clearly quantify the results achieved through continual, systematic optimization.


The minimum duration of our involvement is three months, during which we’ll implement the Methodology described above. After that, we are happy to continue to monitor, enhance and optimize your Facebook ad campaign. And, you have the option to cancel our services at any time.

In addition to our AdsSciences services, we can also provide complete on-going management of your Facebook page including creation and implementation of a daily editorial calendar, monitoring of Facebook social interactions, providing analytics, and identifying additional Facebook advertising opportunities.

Should you decide to assume responsibility for your Facebook advertising program, we’ll provide a hand-off that will allow you to leverage the Facebook ad strategy we created — greatly improving your ability to advertise like an expert.

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