From Planning to Execution

In Record Time

We know you can’t wait to increase your product or service sales, or generate leads, or drive brand awareness, or a mix of the above. That’s why we have fine tuned an engagement approach focused on getting your digital advertising campaigns up and running in the shortest possible time. Read below to learn how we get things done efficiently and effectively.

Instrument and Baseline

AdsSciences relies on signals from your website or app to achieve optimal performance from your campaign.

We’ll ensure that the required instrumentation is in place and baseline key metrics to fully understand campaign performance.

Target Audiences

We’ll review your current audiences and prepare a new set  based on your specific goals.

These will include highly targeted interest based audiences, custom audiences based on customer lists, website visitors, and brand engagers. And finally a group of lookalike audiences derived from custom audiences.

Creative Design

We’ll work with you to design and implement multiple ads with a variety of images and copy to provide a solid set to start the campaigns with.

This removes the subjectivity associated with ad visuals and copy and enables an objective methodology based on measured results.

Custom Landing Pages

If your goal involves additional context or messaging to encourage conversions, we’ll evaluate the creation of landing pages aimed at focusing the message and maximize the results (in most cases sales or form submissions).

Launch and Optimization

After a creative and audience review we’ll prepare the campaign(s) and launch them. Immediately afterward AdsSciences will start optimizing them and focus the best performing ads and creatives.

This is an iterative approach driven by a number of data points and automation rules which constantly aim at gaining the best results with the budget allocated.

Reporting and Insights

You’ll then gain access to the AdsSciences platform where you’ll be able to browse through each element of your campaign(s) and access easy-to-digest performance summaries.

And we’ll setup a bi-weekly call where we’ll go over the campaigns’ performance, check with you on how you’re feeling about their status, discuss next steps, and more.

Why Work With Us?

Trusted by a growing number of leading brands.

Our clients, and those of our agency partners, consistently produce significantly more leads and sales with higher ROAS (return on ad spend) than they’ve ever been able to achieve.

To our knowledge, AdsSciences ad campaigns have never been outperformed. It’s all about platform’s intelligence which ensures each dollar invested informs how the next one should be allocated.

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