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Explore these case studies to see how AdsSciences has transformed businesses, generating remarkable ROAS, driving customer acquisition, and creating brand awareness. From B2C luxury products to B2B services, these success stories demonstrate how AdsSciences’ strategic approach and relentless optimization have propelled businesses to new heights.

Consumer Products Company (B2C)

Client: a consumer products company specializing in high-end luxury products with prices ranging from $200 to $1000, including accessories and recurring purchases ranging from $10 to $50+.

Initial assessment: previously, their Facebook campaigns barely broke even with a ROAS just above 1 and had limited scalability.

Engagement and outcome: partnering with AdsSciences resulted in a game-changing outcome. AdsSciences consistently achieved a scalable ROAS ranging from 8x to 15x, surpassing expectations and driving significant profitability. Their campaigns proved highly effective, especially during special promotions.

Online Training Service (B2C)

Client: an online training service offering prices ranging from $10 to $100+/hr.

Initial assessment: the client had previously experienced unsuccessful Facebook campaigns.

Engagement and outcome: upon partnering with AdsSciences, the client achieved a positive ROAS within just 2 weeks of collaboration. The ROAS continues to improve daily as AdsSciences optimizes the campaign. The success of the campaign has enabled the client to expand internationally and confidently quadruple their ad spend due to increased effectiveness.

Beverage Company (B2C)

Client: A beverage company specializing in B2C e-commerce/mail order wine with prices ranging from $20 to $200.

Initial assessment: The client was facing challenges with a ROAS of 0.7x, resulting in losses even before considering shipping and cost of goods sold.

Engagement and outcome: By partnering with AdsSciences, the client experienced a remarkable turnaround. AdsSciences consistently improved the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), resulting in a healthy profitable range of 3x to 10x. The improved performance allowed the client to increase their advertising spend from $10k per month to upwards of $20k per day. Additionally, the increased demand led to their products being carried in nearly 10,000 stores across the US.

Cosmetics Company (B2C)

Client: A cosmetics company with products priced from $30 to $60+.

Initial assessment: The client had tried Facebook advertising with three different top-tier agencies before, but had not achieved success. They abandoned the platform due to their inability to make it profitable.

Engagement and outcome: Upon partnering with AdsSciences, the client’s advertising performance improved significantly. Within just 2 weeks of optimization, AdsSciences reduced the Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC) from approximately $50 to around $20. The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) increased from below 1 to a range of 2x to 7x. The outstanding results prompted the client to increase their monthly ad spend from $2k to ranges between $10k and $20k based on campaign performance.

Outerwear/Apparel Company (B2C)

Client: An outerwear/apparel company launching a new brand of high-end outdoor jackets priced between $200 and $400 each.

Initial assessment: The client sought to grow their followers beyond “friends and family” through a Page Like campaign.

Engagement and outcome: AdsSciences optimized the campaign, resulting in a significant reduction (over 75%) in the cost per page like (CPL). Additionally, the Click Through Rate (CTR) on ads consistently exceeded the industry average by 5x. These improvements led to rapid growth in followers from 0 to over 14,000 in record time. The success of the campaign showcased AdsSciences’ ability to drive exceptional outcomes, boosting engagement and enhancing brand awareness for the client’s new brand of high-end outdoor jackets.

Financial Services Company (B2B)

Client: A financial services company offering a B2B mobile app integrated into the back-end ERP system, designed to track consultant and attorney time.

Initial assessment: The client’s new Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) stood at their best ever prior amount of $90.

Engagement and outcome: By partnering with AdsSciences, the client experienced an immediate and significant improvement in their CAC. On day 1 of the campaign, AdsSciences optimization reduced the CAC to $30. Over approximately six weeks of continuous optimization, the CAC further decreased to fluctuate between $2 and $3. The exceptional results demonstrated AdsSciences’ ability to drive efficient customer acquisition for the financial services company’s B2B mobile app.

Construction Company (B2B and B2C)

Client: A building and construction company focused on high-end homes starting at $30M. Their campaign objective involved raising awareness in the B2B segment while simultaneously running a B2C brand awareness campaign to showcase their top-notch building and rehab capabilities.

Initial assessment: The client sought to generate awareness and leads for their building and rehab services.

Engagement and outcome: AdsSciences successfully executed campaigns that delivered outstanding results for the client. The B2B campaign led to a 7-figure rehab deal almost immediately, with subsequent new building deals in the pipeline. Simultaneously, the B2C brand awareness campaign effectively showcased the company’s capabilities. The strategic approach and performance-driven campaigns by AdsSciences demonstrated their ability to generate lucrative business opportunities.

Logistics Company (B2B)

Client: A logistics company operating a two-sided market for supply (delivery drivers) as well as demand (materials) in the B2B sector.

Initial assessment: The client aimed to optimize their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) on each side of their two-sided market and grow new markets with efficient customer acquisition.

Engagement and outcome: AdsSciences took on the challenge and determined the most effective creative and audience combinations within acceptable CAC ranges ($20 to $50) for specific markets and micro-audiences. By analyzing and optimizing the campaigns, AdsSciences successfully reduced the overall CAC from a staggering $428 to a more manageable range. The optimized CAC enabled the logistics company to fill the supply side and attract demand.

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